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Shows part of the Annapurna Circuit

How to trek the Annapurna Circuit - 17 amazing days

I feel my heart beating with full force. It races. Slowly the fear of not making it rises. Only 116 meters and the Thorung La pass on the Annapurna Circuit trek is crossed. But I feel my heart beating faster than ever. The high altitude sickness crashes in with full force at 5300 meters. We […]
Beach at caramoan islands

Only love for an unspoiled paradise on earth - Caramoan Islands, Philippines

Yes there are still some unspoiled beautiful islands on earth. Caramoan Islands are some of them. Here I will tell you why you should travel to the Caramoan Islands as soon as possible:  1. The word will spread out. Soon you will find these beautiful islands in travel magazines around the globe. At the moment […]