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Welcome to the blog part. Here  personalized stories about my travels around the world are shared.
I tried to put a lot of love into it and hope that some of you find it helpful. Enjoy. See you around. Make sure to sign up to the travel tips newsletter. Sincerely Tobias

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Personal Travel Stories

Shows part of the Annapurna Circuit

How to trek the Annapurna Circuit – 17 amazing days

I feel my heart beating with full force. It races. Slowly the fear of not making it rises. Only 116 meters and the Thorung La pass on the Annapurna Circuit trek is crossed. But I feel my heart beating faster than ever. The high altitude sickness crashes in with full force at 5300 meters. We […]
Title of Tour du Mont Blanc from

Tour du Mont Blanc

170 km, 10.000m of ascent and hiking through 3 countries in a breathtaking scenery, the Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the world’s greatest hiking trail. I’m thrilled. I’m standing right now at the finisher line of the world famous ultra marathon in Chamonix, France. The first women is running over the finisher line. […]
Shows Tobi at the Ciudad Perdida

The Lost City Trek, Ciudad Perdida. Better than Machu Picchu?

Ciudad Perdida is the Spanish word for “Lost City”. The Lost City is the archaeological site of an ancient city in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada. It’s believed to have been founded 650 years earlier than Machu Picchu. Some people think the experience to get to the Lost City is much better than Machu Picchu. After I […]
Hawaiian Island Kauai

5 Reasons why you should travel to the Hawaiian Island Kauai

Hawaiian Island Kauai, lovely named the Garden Island, is one of the prettiest Islands in the World. The law “no building is taller than a coconut tree” has protected the island environment. Kauai is magical. The deep green color will take your breath away. You can discover an epic landscape. Here are my 5 reasons […]
Camping Big Island Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

Udo Jürgens sings in one of his famous songs “Ich war noch niemals in New York, ich war noch niemals auf Hawaii” and that is what you have to change. Hawaii is still one of our most favorites places on earth. And this time, when I’m looking back to my travels, I’ve seen a lot […]
Angel Falls Sign

Trip to the Angel Falls, Salto Ángel – Venezuela

If you’re travelling through Venezuela than a trip to the Angel Falls is a must do. It’s one of the few amazing places on earth that you have to see before you die. It is in a protected area in the Amazonas jungle and the only way to get in is with an airplane. There […]
Beach at caramoan islands

Only love for an unspoiled paradise on earth – Caramoan Islands, Philippines

Yes there are still some unspoiled beautiful islands on earth. Caramoan Islands are some of them. Here I will tell you why you should travel to the Caramoan Islands as soon as possible:  1. The word will spread out. Soon you will find these beautiful islands in travel magazines around the globe. At the moment […]


Must Do’s around Freiburg 1. Visit the old city center and the Freiburger Muenster 2. View from the Schlossberg tower 3. Hike up the Schauinsland mountain 4. Hang around the Augustinerplatz in a warm summer night 5. Go skiing at the Feldberg in Winter 6. Have some drinks at the bars in the bermuda triangle […]

Neuschwanstein castle and surroundings

Must Do’s around the castle 1. Go hiking around the castles 2. Jump from a rock in ice cold water in front of a waterfall 3. Swim in one of the lakes close to the castles 4. Visit the beautiful town Füssen and accomodation 1. Go hiking around the castles Don’t take the cable railway […]